Negotiating skills are critical for any aspiring entrepreneur and it is the foundation of creating great opportunities. From raising money, negotiating a term sheet, hiring a great team, getting customers, or striking partnerships, Russ Sach has used his negotiation skills to create over $3 billion in shareholder value.

Russ Sach is a senior leader in all aspects of corporate strategies, deal management, corporate acquisitions, financial analysis, and executive coaching/mentoring. He has managed explosive organizational growth through negotiation, acquisitions and corporate partnerships.

He has over 10 years in highly complex corporate software, M and A and IP licensing deals. He has a deep financial acumen and the ability to determine viability of acquisitions, investments and corporate strategies.

Russ is a highly involved board member of various companies and organizations - offering strategic consulting, financial analysis and business insights that have greatly impacted focus and direction.

He serves as a coach and mentor to CEOs on an on-going basis, with a focus on being a sounding board and offering business guidance. This function is critical as many leaders have few options when it comes to confidential unbiased non-judgmental advisors.

Following his MBA, Russ began his career in Finance in the airline industry at a time when the industry was beginning the revolution from the travel agent controlled ticketing model to the online self-service one that we all know today. While there, he helped establish methods for inventory management that remain standards in the industry. Shortly after meeting with the co-founders of Expedia when it was still a development project within Microsoft, he joined the small team to help build its business and infrastructure.

Over the next 10 years he leveraged his formidable negotiating skills, driving dozens of acquisitions, mergers, investments and IP licensing deals that laid the foundation for the company’s explosive growth into the $50 billion giant it now is and was regularly asked to teach the fundamentals behind them to leaders throughout the company. Since leaving Expedia in 2006, Russ has advised and coached leaders of various companies and organizations, and continues to utilize his negotiation skills in almost all aspects of day-to-day life.

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